Collaboration’s Biggest Challenge

A few years ago, SLACK was the messaging darling, enabling quick, simplified messaging with minimal setup and management for administrators.  In addition, it boasted a robust API/Integration framework which let it do what so many collaboration applications to date had struggled with – get inside everything you work with. Or rather, you get inside SLACKContinue reading “Collaboration’s Biggest Challenge”

Where CTO/F needs to be in Early Stage Development

In the early stages of a company’s growth, the Founder (assuming they are of a technical acumen) and/or if not CTO (Chief Technology Officer) needs to be focused on Product Delivery (we’ll call them the CTO/F for short). To accomplish this goal, it’s important for the CTO/F to recognize and understand not only what theyContinue reading “Where CTO/F needs to be in Early Stage Development”