Becoming the Self-Organizing, Self-Managing Team

One of the best pieces of feedback I ever received when leaving an organization was – “The team is running fine on it’s own, I don’t think we’re going to need to hire someone to replace you.” At first glance, I did feel that familiar twinge of failure that made me feel as though myContinue reading “Becoming the Self-Organizing, Self-Managing Team”

The Next Generation of Leaders

I was having a conversation with a fellow colleague last week when they asked me what the skillset required for the next generation of leaders would be. The question took me aback as I tried to weigh everything we had just finished talking about in regards to team, leadership and culture with the current eventsContinue reading “The Next Generation of Leaders”

What does it take to Lead?

I’ve asked myself this question many times over the years as I took on new leadership roles or helped others realize that they to could lead. Coupled with the fact that more often than not, the move towards leadership came about not because you were already “practicing” to be a great leader but rather becauseContinue reading “What does it take to Lead?”