Big. Bad. Meetings.

Meetings get a bad rap for the singular reason that we don’t always get what we want out of them.

That’s a big reason and a strong justification for what is wrong with them.

I’ve attended meetings in person, via bridge, conference calls, airports, taxis, backywards, McDonalds, restaurants, and on and on (as I’m sure many of you have).

And in attending (and holding) so many meetings I started to realize that it really comes to one person that defines the success or failure of that meeting – You.

Yes, you, more so as a presenter but still as an attendee.

I’m a strong believer that the success of meetings are not influenced by their duration, recurrence, whether they arestand-ups, technology involved or people that are on the call.

The ones that were successful were driven by a need to accomplish something.

Take a moment and think back to when you were a smaller team and your meetings were the most efficient thing since sliced bread.  But over time the denigrated into something less than amazing.

This isn’t because the team grew or you now have more toys to play with.

But it is because you went into Meeting Autopilot whilst trying to be Productive.

There’s a way out of this purgatory, it’s here, it’s 60 slides, I swear though if you take your time you can be done in 5 – 10 minutes.

Five to Ten minutes to get 10 – 15 hours back a week.

Seems like a fair trade to me.

Here it is – Big. Bad. Meetings. – share your thoughts.

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