Shipping with Bugs

There are a few things wrong with our new site.

You might not be able to pick them out, but we can, some are more obvious than others.

But all of them stick out like a thorn in my side that I can’t get past even though our new site is vastly better than our previous one.

For the last few months, I hummed and hawed over whether to take down the Under Construction sign and release or keep it up while trying to resolve these last few issues.

If I adjusted the time that we were delivering on, I knew it would push back the release even further as the list would never end.

We shipped last week, it’s not perfect, there are some kinks to work out (some fixed this week), but we’re happy with the result and the lessons it taught us.

We’ve re-structured our site to focus on our main core competencies – Development, Leading and Learning.


At our core, we deliver simple, scalable solutions.  We work with a variety of Government Departments and Private Organizations to deliver solutions on the Office365, Dynamics 365 and Azure stacks focusing on Data Driven and Contact Centre oriented solutions.

If you aren’t sure where to start with your next project or have some questions, drop us a line.


We’re pleased to offer the general availability of our new Dynamics 365 Training programs.  These programs are born from the custom training modules we have done for customers over the past few years and the questions we get asked most often.

All attendees will receive access to their own tenant for the week prior, during and two weeks after our course to they can complete any Labs and/or revisit material.  In addition, we want to hear from you before your session starts to ensure you’re in the right program and the content we deliver will help you reach your goals.


Our training programs and content delivery have not gone anywhere and instead are now being offered as customized offerings.  Whether you’re a Developer, Team Lead or Manager or Team – we can all use a kickstart to get going and become a more effective leader.

Our programs are a combination of mentoring and coaching designed to give you the jump you need to be a success.

We’re still tweaking things, but we’re looking forward to what we can deliver with you in 2019. If you’re interested in learning more, give us a call or email us.


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